West Virginia

Cunningham Associates has been selling park and playground equipment in West Virginia since it's founding in 1966. Cunningham Recreation provides complete park and playground solutions from design to construction. From neighborhood parks to large themed municipal parks, we have built more than 5,000 playgrounds for children of all ages and abilities.

Burnsville Lake Playground - Burnsville, WV

Mitch Reno, CPSI and long time sales professional, provides excellent customer service and playground solutions to customers in West Virginia.

Mitch Reno, CPSI - West Virginia
800.438.2780 ext. 151

Sutton Lake - Sutton, VA

Cunningham Recreation can provide customers with safe affordable playground equipment, a variety of safety surfacing materials and sports & fitness equipment. In addition, we can provide our customers with solutions for shade, park shelters, site furnishings, water play and skate parks.

Summersville Lake US Army Corp of Engineers - Summersville, WV

We also offer a comprehensive playground management and maintenance program.